Giveaway Winner!

The winner of my giveaway is Giggly Mama!  Yay!  The Random Generator picked comment #4. Giggly said:

“I’ve always loved your blog. I like it the way it is and always has been. I always look forward to your book, recipe, craft, mom, and meme posts. :)”

Thanks, girl!  Please email me your addy (amanda.l.addisonatgmailaddress) and I will get your prize in the mail to you.  There will be — as promised — something handmade, something coffeeish, and something bookish.  All of my three loves.

Thanks to everyone who commented.  The comments were super nice and gave me the warm fuzzies.  And, more importantly, it renewed my zest for blogging.

Thanks, buds!



  1. I never expect to win and always love seeing the winner results on blog giveaways, I was totally not expecting it to be ME!! Yay!! I am so excited and thankful!! Wheeee!!
    Can't wait!

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