Goodbye WordPress, Hello Blogger

I’m back at blogger now!  I revived The Blog Jar (my blog since 2008) and rechristened her Fig and Thistle.  I’m deleting the WordPress blog next week. 

Visit me at:

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  1. I share something with you ….that of expression on blogs. Our topics are different, but I found you, maybe you will find me?

    I find that I grew up too sheltered and had many false beliefs about the fairness of society. I believed Courts and Judges were there as a source of protection from injustices. But now I believe that Courts are about politics and money. Maybe I will find this is just about one Court and one event in my life. Maybe not. County courts in California are suppose to be progressive, right? But the biases in the Courts are the same as every other part of life and society. So I blog about the Solano family court …just so many things to think about…..I never even thought twice about the title though….lack of imagination I suppose.

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