Photo Friday: The Bake and Make Edition

An embroidered birthday hankie for a friend…

Blueberry Oatmeal Pecan Cookies…

A basketweave dish cloth. Most of it is knitted and then I did a crochet thingamajig border…

Cheery Cherry Muffins…

Basketweave Cloth…

I’m in a makerish mood.  I have plans to bake more Cherry Muffins, something new with blueberries, and a chocolate plum cake.  I’m also knitting more dish cloths for all the marrying/newlymoved/birthdaying folks I know.  I’ve also started a project for a stitch-along, but I couldn’t take pictures because the camera batteries are dead.  Oh yes, and I think I’m starting a low-key knitting group at the coffee shop.  Oh yeah!  And crafts, I have plans to make somethings with Hope and a few felt owls.

I hope you all are out there making something.  It is so satisfying and peaceful!



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