If you can’t say anything nice….

….blog about something random.  There’s some life-changing decisions being made (no, I’m not pregnant) and I’d REALLY like to blog about it.  I know the prudent thing to do is keep quiet until all is settled and decided.  Also, my little sister is having her first baby right now in a hospital several hours away.  I wish I could be there, but with Atticus/nursing it isn’t really practical for me to make a trip.  I’m nervous and excited for her.

So since mum’s the word on all the thoughts assaulting my brain I thought I’d do something random.  I saw this meme on Facebook (in fact I think I told people I’d participate and I never did).

15 Favorite Fictional Characters:

Esther Greenwood from The Bell Jar

Addie Bundren from As I Lay Dying

Ash Fox from The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro

Lady Dedlock from Bleak House

Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird

The Wyf of Bath from The Canterbury Tales

Severus Snape from Harry Potter

Amelie Poulain from Amelie

Lydia Gwilt from Armadale

The little person with the switchblade knife in Freaks

Paddington Bear

Sir Bedevere


Lucy Snowe from Villette

There we are, 15 favorite fictional characters and I’ve kept my mouth shut.  Go me.



  1. That is the most wonderfully eclectic list! I haven’t heard of all of them, but any list with both Paddington and Atticus Finch can’t be bad, I reckon.

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