Meet the Co-Parent: Shannon

Today I’d like to introduce one of the most spectacular people I know: Shannon.  In addition to being a book nerd, whizzbang barista, and the outdoorsy adventure type, Shannon is also our co-parent.

Unfortunately, Georgia is an incredibly conservative state.  Gay people can adopt as an individual, but joint partner adoptions are incredibly hard to come by.  Also, for visitation and custody purposes, Shannon would have to go back in the closet and NO ONE should have to be in the closet.  In addition, out-homosexuals cannot be foster parents.  That’s really sad.  Thousands of children need good homes and are being denied the potential for a loving family because of close-minded conservatism.

So Shannon is our co-parent and is living motherhood vicariously through me.  She has taken Hope kayaking and to amusement parks.  She cared for Hope while I was giving birth to Atticus.  She was one of the first people who found out I was pregnant with Atticus.  She was there when I thought I was having a miscarriage and she was there shortly after his birth.  She came several times a week when I was home from the hospital to help care for Atticus.  She cares for Atticus during the day when I’m at work and she even was at the house at 11:30pm last Friday to rock a teething, fussy baby.  Both of my children love Shannon and if anything every happened to Sam and I we’ve already decided that Shannon will get the kids.  You should have seen the elementary school secretary when I listed her on Hope’s school pick-up list as “co-parent!”  I don’t like the term babysitter, because she is more than that.  Shannon is family; a sister to me and a second mother to our children.  The kids have many “aunts” and “uncles”, but only one Shannon.

Straight people — think about the privileges we have that are denied to homosexuals simply because of their sexual orientation.  Think about the kids who are missing out on loving homes.  Every kid deserves a Shannon.



  1. AWESOME!!!! If my friends Courtney and Valerie lived closer, I feel almost certain they would be our co-parents. I love every bit of this. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. SUCH a sweet post, Amanda!!! And a beautiful picture 🙂 I hate so much that gays aren’t allowed to coadopt in so many places. Makes me so sad. I know that Matt and I will eventually want kids of our own and it’s horrible that we’ll have to move to a state just so that we can adopt together. I pray for the day when this country will open it’s eyes. I’m just so thankful for people like you 🙂

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