The Blog and the Bookish

The Blog:

Bloggeista pretty much consumed me last night and early this morning.  I didn’t get a chance to write rainy day posts, but I did get many other things done:

  1. I hammered out a list of ideas for writing.  It isn’t really a schedule, but I have several things I want to write about and I thought of a general schedule for writing.
  2. I changed templates
  3. I spent way too long finding the *perfect* header image
  4. I purchased my own domain
  5. I added a Facebook badge
  6. I handled a technical problem I was having with Twitter
  7. I add the ability for commenters to Facebook, Tweet, or share via WordPress my posts.

Hooray for Bloggeista!

The Bookish:

Tomorrow, Monday the 24th, marks the beginning of Virago Reading Week.  Whoot!  I’ve been so excited about this reading week.  In fact, I’m setting aside my other two reads (War and Peace and Family Roundabout) for the week so that I can concentrate solely on my Viragos.  I’ve picked out three, but realistically I’ll probably only be able to read two at the most.

I’m starting out the week reading Antonia White’s sequel to Frost in May, The Lost Traveller.  If I have time, I also plan on reading Emily Eden’s The Semi Attached Couple and The Semi Detached House, and Kate O’Brien’s That Lady.  Expect a reading update later in the week!



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