99 Days of Summer, a Summer of Creating Challenge

Do any of y’all recall doing this 101 things in 1001 days a while back?  I started out with good intentions and a few weeks after constructing the list I started dating Sam and lost my brain.  I never went back to the list.  The idea of having focus and goals still greatly appeals to me, so I decided to create a new challenge for myself (one I have every intention of completing).

So I declare May 31st to September 6th my Summer of Creating.  A whole 99 days to do things I love.  All kinds of creating; not only will I be making and baking, but I plan on creating new memories, more order, and a larger list of books read.

Here is how I divided things out:

  1. I picked several areas to work on: Baking and Cooking, Crafts, Embroidery, Home, Reading and Books, Sewing, Yarn, Other.  Other is a big honkin’ catch-all category.
  2. Each category was written on a separate page in a lovely Liberty of London notebook.  
  3. In addition, I have a page for each day to write about how I’m working towards my goal.  
  4. Expect semi-regular updates on Ye Olde Blog.

So why am I doing this?

  1. No money and cable to help me waste my time.
  2. Hope is gone to Grandma’s part of the week and I find myself listless and bored
  3. This is the last summer before Atticus gets here.  I want to make it count.

 On to the Projects!

  • Baking and Cooking:  make 5 recipes from Mastering the Art of French Cooking / make a sourdough starter and sourdough bread / bake 5 different yeast breads / bake 10 different quick breads and muffins / 5 new scone recipes / try 25 new dinner recipes / bake biscotti / bake 3 pies / bake 5 cakes or cupcakes / bake 10 cookies / make 7 fabulously fancy desserts / make 30 dinners for the freezer for when Atticus gets here / 1 traditional Indian meal / 1 traditional Thai meal 
  • Crafts:  organize craft lair / bunting for Hope’s room / bunting for Atticus’ room / potato printing / build a birdhouse / make note cards / decoupage some stuff / paper garlands / felt flowers / felt pins / make candles / try origami / make paper / funky spray paint thrift store junk / make bird feeder
  • Embroidery:  make 3 things for friends / make 3 things for family / sign for work / sign for front door . library card banner / finish doodle cloth / tea towels for kitchen / embroider a tattoo doll for Hope
  • Home:  obtain baby furniture from Craig’s list / fancy-up and fix the nursery / paint 5 pieces of furniture / paint my bedroom / paint hallway / finish unpacking / some how add pizazz to kitchen cupboards / get rid of flea infestation*
  • Reading and Books:  10 library trips / 5 bookstore trips / increase my Virago, Persephone, and NYRB collection / read 4 graphic novels / read 2 essay collections / read 5 short story collections / read 4 non-fiction books / read 30 fiction books / read The Neverending Story to Hope / update my book challenge lists / listen to 3 audio books 
  • Sewing:  sew an apron / learn to quilt / curtains for the living room / curtains for the kitchen / curtains for nursery / curtains for Hope’s room / recover rocker / curtains for my room / curtains for french doors / baby booties / throw pillows / pin cushion / place mats and napkins / duvet cover / doll or stuffed animal / doll bedding / American Girl Doll clothes / tea cozy / quilt for Hope / quilt for Atticus 
  • Yarn:  blanket for Atticus / blanket for couch / learn to make amigurumi / 3 hats / 3 scarves / baby bib / baby sweater / booties / American Girl Doll scarves and hats
  • Other:  file adoption papers by the end of June / pay off remaining credit card debt / pay off one medical bill / increase savings by $1,000 / spruce up blog / 75 blog posts / 12 farmer’s market trips / watch 25 movies / 5 thrifting expeditions / strawberry picking / take Hope on 5 day trips / 7 “real” dates with Sam / organize and update photo albums / write 12 letters / 50 journal entries / 7 dinners or craftapaloozas with friends / start an herb garden / try canning / Beau to the vet / 5 pool trips / go to a concert / transfer and update renter’s insurance / order new checks / visit grandparents 

Whew!  I want to all know that as I was typing this out I added in a ton more things.  If anyone would like to join in the fun let me know.  For now, I’m shutting down the computer and I’m going to go create something.

* yes, a flea infestation.  A week into living at our new home and we are ridden with fleas.  I’m hiding out at my mom’s house until the exterminator can come out on Tuesday. 



  1. I'm not going to hoin the challange because I know it will meet with epic failure! A 5 year old, 2 year old and almost 6 month old have a knack for derailing many things when you least expect it 🙂 I'm looking forward to following your progress and I am going to get 2 mini-baby blankets done(covering my butt for when I have to wash Harmony's(2 yo) blankets she loves so much) and finish at least the 3 wash cloths I have sitting on knitting needles. Not very ambitious, but necessary.

  2. This is an awesome list!! I have a 101 in 1001 project going right now, and I'm doing alright with it. But I should probably make some adjustments because I made the list when I was at my old job, before I had my baby. I'll be excited to see how you do on this lsit!

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