Photo Friday: Meet Atticus

Today we went for another ultrasound and check-up.  During the ultrasound, Sam and I watched Butterbean kick, squirm, flip, and dance around on the ultrasound screen.  Then the technician said she could see the sex of the child.  I’m only 13 weeks along and typically sex isn’t determined until the 20th week.  We told her we wanted to know and she told us… WE’RE HAVING A BOY.  He was somersaulting with no embarassment and boy parts were showing.

So I’d like all of you to meet the baby formerly known as Butterbean:  Atticus Clay

 Here is his face and belly…

 … and tiny fist, arm, and ribs…

… a wee foot…

… and tiny hand.
He is beautiful and I love him completely. 


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