The Sunday Salon: Book Lovin’

The Sunday

One of the many reasons why I love Sam so ardently is that he indulges my bookish fancies.  He never tires (or at least he doesn’t let on) of book store and library expeditions, he tolerates my piles upon piles of books, and he regularly asks me if I would like a reading break.  Usually when I’m frustrated and tired and storming around the house on the verge of tears Sam offers to hang out with Hope and he sends me upstairs or to a coffee shop with strict instructions to read. After an hour or two I emerge refreshed and relaxed.

Sam has entered a new realm of awesomeness this Valentine’s Day by giving me a book I have coveted for years:  Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

He also inscribed the cookbook and I really love it when folks inscribe books to me and I love finding inscriptions in older books.

You did a good job Sam.  And yes, I love you more than books! 


  1. how sweet! the inscription is great, and so is the cookbook. let's have cook-a-longs out of that one!!! spencer never lets me indulge my french chefish ways, and tells me i don't need to roast a duck for him to love my cooking…

    the potage parmentier is fantastic. like, for reals.

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