I’ve had two days off and all I’ve done is cleaning and grocery shopping.  Knowing that I have to go back to work tomorrow fills each day with dread.  I hate it.  Yes, I’m declaring it on such a public place as the internet.  I absolutely hate my job.  Not the actually work, but the tense, negative, stress-filled, understaffed stupid bullshit part.  Hate.  I hate it.

So I’m baking and baking and baking and one day far, far, far in the future when I’m out of debt (okay 10 years from now) I will have my own bookstore and bakery.  Right now I’m able to make it through the day by baking and reading and stitching and trying my best not to think of that wretched place.

Okay, so on to the baking:

This week I have several events/places that call for baked goods.  There is the bake sale (cupcakes), Inman Park (cookies and something else), and a group of book nerds (scones).  Sunday is Hope’s birthday party and she has already requested strawberry cupcakes with strawberry icing and sprinkles, but I need help deciding what else to bake.  Hence, a survey! Click here to take survey

Tell me what to bake!  Leave a comment telling me what you voted for and you might win something.  I’m not sure what, but there will be something non-edible and awesome headed your way!

(photo via axelsrose’s photostream on Flickr, creative commons license)



  1. Hi – I have enjoyed discovering your blog and love lots of the books that you have read – others are on my list. Sorry about your work stress – the redemptive powers of baking are indeed huge and enjoy all your produce. Thanks for sharing, Hannah

  2. I voted for anything with coffee or chocolate! I'm crazy for both – you can't go wrong with either. AND both help (at least me) to feel better. 🙂

  3. I hope that things get better soon! I know what it likes to be in a negative work environment.

    Voting made me hungry…and I have nothing in my house but Ramen Noodle packages and a jar of Nutella.

    I definitely hope that the Strawberry scones with Honey Butter Glaze wins because I am dying to know how they turn out. And the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes – wow!

    Have fun baking!

  4. I voted anything chocolate pb and also request that you call Sam “Jammy Buns” sometime.

    And we have similar dreams… maybe this is a sign that you should move to Colorado. You can have your books and bakery shop near my pie shop! Ah, to dream…

  5. Thanks for voting…. I was overwhelmed by choices. I'll finalize my baking list this evening.
    It is so nice to have bloggy friends to offer encouragement!

    Amelia — I miss your blog SOOOOO much!

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