Photo Friday: Cupcakes and Honeymoon

 Finally, the much anticipated cupcake recipes and a some honeymoon pictures. 

So I had this wonderful idea to bake cupcakes for the wedding.  Luckily, with less than 40 people, this proved to be manageable.  I forgot to photograph the cupcakes before the wedding, so the pictures were hastily snapped in the library break room a few days after the wedding.  I had about a dozen assorted cupcakes left and brought them to work with my on Tuesday.  Decorations and cupcake papers are from Bake it Pretty. I used store bought icing because I knew I could rely on the consistency and it was easier for me to transport to my grandmother’s home. 

First off, a cupcake I didn’t make.  One of my best friends in the world, Erin, made some delicious White Chocolate Raspberry cupcakes: 

Lemon Irish Tea Cupcakes; modified from this recipe:

And finally, Cinnamon Coffee cupcake

Our fancy, but Green, hotel room:  
Lots of delicious coffee from Red Eye: 

Delicious food at the Grit:


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