Threaded Thursday

Time for my first, as promised, Threaded Thursday.  The evening was perfect for working on some stitching because of this:

Yup, it is snowing.  Not much, but for Georgia enough to shut down schools and afford me a day off tomorrow due to inclement weather.

Tonight, I worked on some more bridal bouquet flowers for the wedding. 

I’m trying to stay very free form and fun, especially since I’m having the most unfussy wedding possible. 

This week I’ve also worked on this:

Which is a seriously late Christmas present for my mother. 

Next week, expect a conclusion to my furious stitching and a whole lot of this going on:

No, not collecting Pyrex, cupcake baking and decorating.  My Bake it Pretty order came today and the most perfect cupcake pan from an awesome friend arrived yesterday. 

You know for the wedding because making things is fun and totally stress free.  TOTALLY.

So what is Sam doing while I’m busy stitching and looking up recipes and decorating tips?

Sleep some for me, Sam, sleep some for me. 



  1. Low key weddings are the best!

    my husband and I decided to throw a gigantic party, so we rented out the lodge at a nearby state park, got a few chairs and tables, and had a total blast drinking and cooking with our friends.

    The most expensive part of the entire deal? $900 for beer and wine. 🙂

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