Future Blogger

Monday night something strange happened.  My friend Nicky was eating dinner with us and we were all talking and laughing and having a good time and then something happened.  I picked up my bowl of not too hot tomato soup and then it fell out of my hands and went everywhere.

We all sat in stunned silence for a good minute while I contemplated how I managed to get soup all over my face, shirt, arms, hands, etc… Hope pops out of her chair, “I know… this can be a blog post!”

Yes, Hope.  This is most worthy of blog posting.  Nicky even snapped a picture to aid in the post although this is after I wiped off my face.

Hope had another blogging idea today:  “mom, I go to work with you with the camera and you act like you don’t see me.  You will wear a superwoman cape and outfit and I will take pictures of you at the library.”

Perhaps I should make Hope creative director of The Blog Jar.  I think it would certainly liven the blog up!



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