15 Kick-Ass Gifts for $15 or Less

  1. Matryoshkas Measuring Cups: Adorable! Six measuring cups for dry ingredients that nest and look cute and fancy.
  2. Sublime Stitching Gift Card: Versatile! Whether you need a vintage lamp pattern, a sturdy eco-friendly tote, or a durable pair of embroidery scissors Sublime Stitching is there to provide.
  3. Sarah Utter Tees: “Reading is Sexy” and “Knitting is Knotty” tees?! Sold, I’m especially happy that some of her tees are carried in big girl sizes.
  4. Cupcake Liners: Bake it Pretty has a beautiful collection of high quality cupcake liners. From bold colors to fancy vintage-looking prints these cupcake liners are perfect for all special occasions: even weddings with cupcake receptions.
  5. The Mammoth Book of Dickensian Whodunits edited by Mike Ashley: A coworker clued me in on this bookish delight; this truly mammoth book contains gobs of mysteries by contemporary authors. The book stars Dicken’s very own characters including — one of my favorites — Mr. Bucket.
  6. We Love Colors: Give the gift of well-constructed, bright tights. Seriously, We Love Colors has virtually every color of tights one could imagine. Added bonus, it comes in big girl sizes!
  7. Miror Noir DVD: Have an Arcade Fire fan in the family (well, you should because Arcade Fire is awesome)? This gift is perfect, instead of straight up concert footage the DVD shows a mash of music, concerts, and life of the band.
  8. Harney Tea: Although I am a rabid coffee drinker, I, too, love variety and frequently indulge in a cuppa. Harney Tea is by far one of my favorites. Some of my favorite blends include Paris, Cranberry Autumn, and Earl Grey Supreme.
  9. Black Apple: Basically anything Black Apple rocks. There are gobs of goodies for $15 and under in the Black Apple’s (artist Emily Martin’s) shop: note cards, pins, bookplates, and gift cards to name a few.
  10. Inman Perk: My home away from home, indulge your caffeine loving friends and family with bagged whole bean coffee, a travel mug, or a gift card.
  11. Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild: Because, honestly, who doesn’t need a Sherlock Holmes finger puppet, Virginia Woolf note cards, or a disappearing wives of Henry the 8th mug!?
  12. Tea Towels: Handy and stylish, the most supreme tea towels can be found on Etsy.com. Need a towel with a huge handlebar mustache? They’ve got that too.
  13. Baking Nerd Tees: Yes, yet another buyolympia.com find! These tees take the cake, designs include: hotness (oven mit), just beat it (wire wisk), and that’s how I roll (rolling pin).
  14. Absithne Soap: An Arcana Soap item found via buyolympia.com Okay, can you tell I love buyolympia.com? It is green fairy scented soap (cue looks of wonder and amazement).
  15. Lovely Deer Hair Clips: I can’t tell why, but I adore these deer hair clips. Maybe it is because they are the perfect combination of cute and fancy.


  1. I want them ALL. But for me, lol. Next year, I'll just send you my parents' e-mail address, and you can put together a helpful little list for them. 🙂

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