Shelfishly Devoted to You

It is nearly midnight and I should be getting ready for bed because tomorrow will be a busy day. But I can’t sleep because I MUST show you what I did after work today.

I dusted, organized, and fancied up bookshelves old and new.

Do you want to see? I’ll show you the new bookshelf tonight and the other two soon.

Shelf One: purple owl, “fancy books”, rag doll from a relative
Shelf Two: graphic novels, empty Holy Ail Ale bottle, poetry anthologies, short story anthologies, writing handbooks, Tolkien guide, purple vase, two brass owls, robin’s eggshell

Shelf Three: metronome from thrift store, non-fiction arranged in semi-Library of Congress order, reading journal/book list, carved wooden Pegasus
Shelf Four: fiction from Alcott to Braddon

Shelf Five: fiction from Bronte to Clark (including stack of Angela Carter’s works), thrifted tea tin
Shelf Six: Fiction from Clark to Delafield (including large stack of I. Compton-Burnett novels), thrifted circus tin, empty space for shifting

Expect the other bookshelves to soon, they are in the midst of a very messy dining room. Incidentally, I might be displaying some more pictures of the house next week. I’m planning on switching things up a bit.


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