Beau Still My Heart

After Hope’s bully ordeal / allergy meltdown I spent the entire night worrying. I emailed the teacher and wrote notes. I researched food allergies and read the label of everything in the kitchen. At some point in my musings I placed the recycling by the curb and took the trash out. I came back inside and continued my worrying. Sam went to work (third shift) and I went to bed. The next morning I woke up, showered, and prepped for work. I woke Hope up. Something in my daily routine was missing. I felt terribly off.

Beauregard wasn’t mewing for his morning Fancy Feast.

Well shit the bed, Beauregard escaped. Beau is an indoor cat even though he is not de-clawed. Between the high traffic near the apartment and the vicious, wild tomcats Beau has always been indoors. He escaped and was in the cold rainy night alone.

I wandered outside, sobbing, with Hope patting my back while I called Sam at work. Then I yelled for Beau three more times desperately and not caring that it was 6:15 a.m. on a Thursday and that the neighbors might not want their sleep disturbed.

I heard the tiniest meow and then I saw Beau bounding towards me out of the morning mist. Time slowed and I’m quite sure a Tchaikovsky suite played. He ran indoors and dropped a slug at my feet.

Awwww… he went hunting for me. I cried, this time with joy, and hugged Beau and felt his warm purring body wrapping around my neck.

Now, every night, Beau sleeps on me. Not beside me as usual, but on my hips, butt, or thighs.

I love animals, but I’ve never loved an animal as much as Beauregard Fitzgerald Capote.

This post is for Beau, you’re purfect.

(P.S. and thank you ever so much for the slug)



  1. This post made me laugh and cry. I was reminded of how Robin's Nemo used to bring her presents as well. Meadow brings us giant grasshoppers…

    I'm glad Beau is back safe and sound. Pets are family!

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