Hats Off!

Hooray! A few nights ago I finished crocheting my first hat. I sewed on some buttons from my collection for, as Hope would say, “pizazz.” In addition to being on an all out reading binge, my list of things to create grows ever longer:

  • Kitchen goodness: stews and soups, breads and cake, pies and cookies….. My stack of recipes are growing longer and I can’t wait to start on more holiday baking.
  • Yarn: I’ve been bitten by the hat making bug. I long to buy more yarn and get to making Christmas hats and scarves for gifting.
  • Home: I’ve got plans to paint several pieces of furniture and an ideal involving rearranging the entire downstairs.
  • Thread: I have so many embroidery projects I don’t know what to do: a tea towel to finish, holiday ornaments to make, and a super-secret project I’m working on. To only increase my being overwhelmed, Jenny Hart’s latest book, Embroidered Effects, arrived today.

What to do? Expect this blog to be bursting this month with all sorts of handmade goodness.



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