Art, Sunshine, and Books!

Lots of stuff going on today. I perused the annual Art in the Square for a bit. I didn’t have enough money to buy actual art (stupid rent) but I gathered business cards. Especially liked the work of Mary Frances Hull; she had paintings of unicorns in different cultures. Luckily this artist is on Etsy.

The doors were propped open at Inman Perk letting in the sunshine and fresh air. I spent more time gazing out the window than reading my M.R. James short stories.

For the past few weeks I’ve been eagerly anticipating the public library’s annual book sale. I had planned to photograph the long tables filled to overflowing with books. However, I’ve determined that library book sales are like roller derby for book nerds. Elbows were flying and I swear I took out several grannies to grab some good stuff. Fabulous fiction above and below….

… a BEAUTIFUL cook book from 1940. I bought it for a dollar. ONE DOLLAR.

A picked up these two lurid, Gothic novels for a friend of mine; she collects pulp-Gothic books from 1930 to the mid-1970s.

Anyhoo, that is the bulk of my day. Sam slept all day because he is working tonight. Now I’m off to pull out some crafting supplies. Maybe all this art and creativity swirling around in the air will hit me and I’ll be inspired!



  1. Fun fun fun! My aunt had that collection…something about Myteries of the Supernatural, on her shelves when I was growing up, and JUST the image on the spine scared the hell out of me. I was jolted for a minute when I saw it on your stacks!

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