Photo Friday — the Belated Edition

As you can see, I am in a much better mood after Thursday’s petulant whining.

Rutherford, my owl tattoo, was stiff and sore during the day. Sam started the second session on it Thursday. Alas, paying customers’ showed up so we had to cut it short (although Sam making money is also pretty wonderful). One more session and Rutherford will be all done!

I thought I’d never finish, but yesterday I wrapped up embroidering my yarn bag.

Hooray for stitches!

Here I am pulling shots at Inman Perk. I have the espresso making down, but I need to perfect my milk steaming/frothing powers


  1. yay amanda! i always had trouble pouring too much milk, and then getting overflow. but shannon's a hella awesome teacher, and so are guy and gina, so you'll be fine. and rutherford looks really nice. 🙂

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