Wednesday Wonderfuls: Cupcakes

I can’t say I ever met a cake I didn’t like. Much like cheese and coffee, baked goods forever hold a place in my heart. They also attach quite well to my hips.

I am especially fond of cupcakes for a myriad of reasons. They are portable. You don’t usually need a fork or a plate. There is exactly the right ratio of frosting to cake. They are fancier than cookies, but easier than a cake. You don’t have to worry about slicing them just right. It is easier to mix them up (3 key lime cupcakes, 1 coconut, and several mocha). I love baking cupcakes! If I mess one up during decorating — no biggie, there are 11 more!

Alas this low-carb healthy eating “thang” isn’t very cupcake friendly. So instead I volunteer to make them for events. Then I can have a “sample” and send the others packing out of the house and not onto my thunder thighs.

There has been some exciting cupcakeness in my life recently:

  • I flipped through Hello, Cupcake recently. Pretty designs, although I wasn’t too impressed. I’m all about flavor and eating the cupcakes, not piling junk on to make them look like penguins or corn on the cob or whatever.
  • My library director brought in some DELICIOUS cupcakes from True Love Celebrations in Cleveland, Georgia. I couldn’t locate a website for the bakery, but the cupcakes were heavenly. We sliced each cupcake in half so that we could sample multiple flavors. The flavors included: key lime, strawberry, peach, white cake, coconut, and red velvet.
  • A good friend at work gave me a cupcake cookbook and decorating kit and I’m eager to get started baking.
  • A draft of my Cthulu cupcake is hanging on the refrigerator and will hopefully be inked on my body this summer.
  • Sam and I are talking to a good friend of ours, Catherine, about baking cupcakes for our wedding. She has awesome ideas about pairing the cupcakes with the coffees we will be serving. Hooray!

So tell me, what’s your favorite flavor? You might find yourself surprised by some fresh-baked cupcakes one day!



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