If on a winter’s morning….

At 10 a.m. this morning I was on the couch under an expanse of blankets reading The Graveyard Book. The only difficulty had was to stretch out my chilled hands to reach my mug of coffee and that the cat was perch just so on my stomach and did not want to be disturbed.

It is snowy today, or rather it was snowing earlier and now there is a sleety mix falling. A perfect day for reading. I’m nearly done with The Graveyard Book and am steadily making progress on Author, Author.

I do have an urge to bake on days like this; however, my oven is still broken. I considered making some rice pudding in the slow cooker, but I’ve opted instead to make soup. I’m still hunting around for what soup to make.

Yesterday was fantabulous. I went to breakfast with Mom and Hope and then spent the rest of the day with Sam. I got my hair did and bought a cute retro dress for $7 which is begging to have this embroidered on it. Also, Sam helped me pick out two “librarian” sweaters.

Then we were off to the tattoo shop. It was slow, so he had time to touch up my swallow tattoo. Sam tattooed the swallow on me just before Labor Day Weekend in 2007. It was the first time we actually hung-out. Really, this tattoo is responsible, in part, for bringing us together.

Okay, enough sap. I’m off to search for soup recipes and then I’m going to do some more reading.



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