Breaking Yawn

I was up until 3 a.m. this weekend trying to finish Breaking Dawn.

What. A . Disappointment.

This is a spoiler-laden post, so beware!

I was enjoying Breaking Dawn until a little more than mid-way through the book. I enjoyed Bella’s first section – although it was a bit predictable in places and Jacob’s section was fantastic. The last third of the book was a huge let down.

I remember when I got to the third section I started getting bored and thinking that Meyer needs a better editor. After the popularity of Harry Potter I think that publishing houses are more likely to give YA authors the freedom to write big-ass books. After all, you can charge more money for those.

So I was thinking that the book could be cut in half; Meyer kept saying the same shit over and over again:

Bella:”OMG the Volturi! I love Renesme”
Edward: “OMG my love and Reneseme are in danger”
Jacob: “I heart Reneseme”

Replay that over and over and over. And seriously I don’t care how cute the “Nessie” is, I don’t need one more description of her curls and winning smile.

Then the “omg good Charlie found out about shape-shifting Native Americans and suspects his daughter is a vampire, but he’s cool.”

Then the giant cock-tease of a thrilling ending was slammed. All that whining and there was no warin’.


And in the end Bella and Edward are together and the family is cool and Jacob is cool and (pukes from sappiness).

The book was so bad I had nightmares that night involving vampire teens at an Emo prom.

(grumble, grumble)



  1. The name Renesme makes it sound like a teenager wrote the book. And it’s funny that you call it “Breaking Yawn” because Jon keeps referring it to that as well. I always like Meyer’s books at first until a few days later when I recall all of the stuff I hate about them.

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