Two Reasons Why I am Very Happy

1. This little sweetie is the number one reason why I’m so happy. Today we had her haircut short and she looks older now *sigh*. She has been full of hugs and giggles and sunshine.

2. I have the best boyfriend ever. He stopped by this evening and decorated Hope’s plain black book bag. He even bought her a little Misfits patch and I love the old school tattoo drawings he put on the backpack.



  1. Hope looks so cute!!! I love her hair cut. I need to get mine chopped into something similar. And I would’ve killed to have that backpack back in the day. Maybe now too. 😀Hey, stupid question. How did you get your Twitter feed on your blog? I tried going through Blogger and putting it on mine by adding a feed, but it didn’t work. Help!

  2. Andi — I cannot remember how I got my twitter feed on here. I seem to remember that it took FOREVER to figure it out. I think I may have done “view source” on a friends blog and then spliced my twitter addy into the code. It would seem like they would make it easier. sheesh.Giggly — we just went through a “growing out bangs” phase so I told the hair dresser bangs were out!David — it is, isn’t it?

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