Death of a Soldier

I found out last week that the husband of a college friend died while serving his country in Afghanistan. I can’t even begin to describe all the feelings I have surrounding his death; sorrow, anger, shock are all there. I grieve for Eve and her family. I grieve that thousands of soldiers and civilians have died in a war with no defined purpose, no real goal, no objective. Cpl. Phillips life was taken away while government administrators sit in air conditioned offices bickering about exit strategies (which don’t exist), or devise new spin, or think of new reasons to cover-up the terrible mistakes this government has made all under the propaganda-guise of Patriotism.

I’m sad for Eve and her family and our country and the world and I struggle with how to explain to my daughter why, why we sent him over there to fight vague “isms”.


  1. Have you ever spoken with a soldier? They know what they sign up for. They know they could die. Two of my best friends are in the military, one in the Marines and one in the Army. The marines friend has been 5 times and wants very much to go back. The army friend has been 3 times and absolutely can’t wait to get back overseas. These people know what they are there for. They know what they are doing. You disrespect everything they stand for when you speak of them like you do. I saddens me just as much as the next person to hear of members of the armed services dying in the line of duty. The way you say he died… I seriously don’t think these soldiers would appreciate being remembered as having died while “while government administrators sit in air conditioned offices bickering about exit strategies”. All you have to do is talk to a few members of the armed services. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

  2. Wow David. You’re a dick. Step outside your box, let that testosterone ease up, and realize the lost that his family is suffering. Because, no matter how aware one is to the reality that they may actually die for their country, his/her family is never, ever prepared to lose the one they love.

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