Look… A dinosaur, some books and excuses (as usual)

I’m afraid this month hasn’t been very bookish. Not that that is an entirely bad thing, I just miss my hours in the sun/in bed/in cafe with a book in hand. I’ve cautiously crawled ever-hesitatingly out of my hermit-like shell and plunge myself head first into social activities.

There was the weekend in Athens last week with all of my old college friends that was a blast. Not a lick of reading was done, but I did venture into a used bookstore and picked up two Virago Press books for a grand total of $9.54. Adam’s Breed by Radclyffe Hall and The Friendly Young Ladies by Mary Renault are now teetering on the top of Mt. Bookish in my dining room. The stack is now taller than my dining room table. Yikes.

Oh, yes, but what am I reading. I had started Atonement, but it was a case of right book, wrong time. The entire I was reading I kept thinking “I should like this book,” but, alas, I didn’t. So now it is back at the library and on permanent Postponement… Ha… hahahahahhaha…

I am nearly finished with the collected Angela Carter stories, Burning Your Boats and am relishing Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. I’m hoping to finish it this week before this weekend’s activities. This weekend I am (hopefully) getting a tattoo, having my birthday party complete with dinosaur cake, and going to a Gypsy Queen meet and greet in Little Five Points.

Hooray…. tattoos, birthday cake, and eating burgers with tattoo ladies in hip town.


Expect some more tumbling brain jumbles later in the week…
*the picture above is by Jon Carling. He is a terrific illustrator and I love his magical realism imaginings.


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